Claudio Santoro National Theater

Work of Niemeyer. It's shaped like an irregular pyramid, with cubes and rectangles on the facade, a composition of Athos Bulcão. In the foyer, visitors can see sculptures like Alfredo Ceschiatti's "O Contorcionista" and Mariane Peretti's "O Pássaro", in addition to the landscape design of Burle Marx. It has three concert halls: Villa Lobos, Martins Penna and Alberto Nepomuceno, and also the cultural space Dercy Gonçalves.
Adress : SCTN, Via N2. Schedule : Every day from 9am to 8pm.

Tel : (61) 3325.6107 | WEBSITE
Television Tower

Lúcio Costa's project, it is the highest point of the Master Plan and boosts a height of 224 meters. From the viewpoint, at 75 meters above the ground, you can appreciate a beautiful view of the city. The National Museum of Gems runs on the first floor. The most traditional handcrafts fair in Brasilia, known as the "Feira da Torre" happens on the ground floor, around the tower, on weekends and holidays.
Schedule : Mondays, from 2pm to 8pm and Tuesday through Sunday from 8am to 8pm.

Digital Television Tower

Created by Oscar Niemeyer and named "Flor do Cerrado", it will be responsible for the transmission of digital signals to the Federal District. Located in Grande Colorado region (near Sobradinho) in stage of completion, the concrete structure is 120m long, not including the 63m transmission antenna, totaling 183m in height. The two sides resemble petals and are visible from miles away. The first petal, raised to 80.3 m in height, has a glass roof and will house a restaurant. The other, at 61.2 m in height, will be a cultural space, coated in dark glass with a panoramic view.
Adress : Grande Colorado region, near Sobradinho.

Tel : (61) 3363-2281
Alvorada Palace

Official residence of the President, it is one of the masterpieces of Oscar Niemeyer. It was designed in 1956, even before the selection of the urban plan for the new capital. It is a rectangular building with two floors and a basement that has as its main element the white marble columns, which frame the longitudinal facades that have become a symbol of the capital. A small side chapel completes the set. At the Alvorada, there are works of art like the sculptures "As Banhistas" by Ceschiatti, and "Rito dos Ritmos" by Maria Martins. The golden tiles wall located in the lobby was designed by Athos Bulcão, as well as the chapel door. The landscaping was designed by Roberto Burle Marx.
Adress : SSP Zona Cívico-Administrativa
Schedule : Wednesday from 3pm to 5pm, with limited distribution of tickets.

Telefone : (61) 3411.2317 e 3411.1282 | SITE
Buriti Palace

It is the headquarters of the Federal District. Its name is due to a palm tree typical of the Brazilian savanna, the Buriti. The palm tree, planted in 1959 at the request of engineer Israel Pinheiro, builder and first mayor of the new capital, was knocked down by the Federal District Historic Heritage Department. The Palace is located on Buriti Square, a space designed by Lucio Costa to be the Federal District's civic area. In front of the Palace, one can see a replica of the famous sculpture of the Roman wolf suckling Romulus and Remus, the brothers. The sculpture, a gift from the Italian government, is a symbol of the founding of Rome, sister city of Brasilia, whose birthday falls also on April 21.
Schedule : Only external visit.

Itamaraty Palace

Headquarters of the Ministry of Foreign Relations of Brazil, it is one of Niemeyer's best-known works. The building has a façade of arches and decorative panels by various artists, like Athos Bulcão, Rubem Valentim, Sergio Camargo, Maria Martins, and a fresco by Alfredo Volpi. The building is surrounded by a reflecting pool that serves as the backdrop for the famous sculpture "O Meteoro" by Bruno Giorgi. Among the historical paintings, the "Grito do Ipiranga" by Pedro Américo stands out . The collection of the Foreign Ministry also has works by artists such as Candido Portinari, Mary Vieira, Manabu Mabe, Franz Weissmann, and Victor Alfredo Ceschiatti Brecheret, among others.
Adress : Esplanada dos Ministérios
Schedule : Monday through Friday, from 3pm to 5pm and weekends and holidays from 10am to 3.30pm.

Tel : (61) 3411.6148 | WEBSITE